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A Guitar Community Collaboration

Contributors to this site include guitarists who’ve seen many years across the fretboard, dedicated instructors who have the passion of music in their soul, & avid enthusiasts looking to share their knowledge.


Iron Age Guitar Accessories is a small business founded in January 2015 & located in the heart of Texas.

Our goal is to provide you with a resource that will not only allow you to share your thoughts with the guitar community but also help you achieve your goals as a guitarist & musician.

Whether you’re just starting out or have some years under your belt, it’s about embarking on our journey of self-improvement & inciting new creativity in the way you approach the fretboard.

Just as everyone has their own style & uniqueness to their playing, we craft guitar picks that are intended to accentuate your playing & distinctive sound. The point is to create a pick that not only feels “right” as you string an endless flow of notes, but also helps to unlock your potential for musical expression.