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Looking for new gear reviews? The “Carters Talk Tone” blog is a place you might want to check out. Featuring a look into guitar strings, a multitude of pedals, and picks. CTT is a blog run by Chris & Marissah who team together to bring you some insights on new guitar gear, as well as video demonstrations. Chris has been playing for well over a decade now & is primary writer of the blog while Marissah is the main editor, photographer, and manages the social media.

Some time ago, they purchased a guitar pick combo set and decided to write a bit about their experience. Overall, I think we can all agree that our picks are not for everyone. Everyone has different tastes & preferences, & while they only really enjoyed 2 out of the 5 picks, they did mentioned that

All are very good quality and they obviously know what they are doing.

Due to the nature of the materials used to make our picks, we are limited as to how thin we can make our picks. We know it can be quite a jump into a super heavy gauge like 2.5mm. For some switching over to this gauge is a bit easier, while others might not be so straight forward.

They mention they had some trouble with the thicker gauge so perhaps our picks aren’t their choice for live situations. The Carters did mention they still play them from time to time which we’re happy to hear they’re still getting some use on them. If they cannot be played live, then perhaps they can at least be used as a creative element in the songwriting process.

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Other than taking a look at our handmade guitar picks, The Carters Talk Tone is full of all sorts other reviews. From guitar reviews like “Killer B Guitars“, to Instagram brand overviews, & a breadth of boutique pedals, there’s plenty to check out.

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