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With a thousand words captured in a single snap, an image can evoke powerful emotions & compel to us to act. These raw emotions & inspirations can all be frozen in time thanks to the art of photography. The photos themselves can be a great reminder of one’s legacy & allow us to showcase our own view of the world. When it comes to guitars & the musicians themselves, having high quality photos is an absolute must. One photographer who comes to mind that has the right focus in this field, is Jonathon Walters.

Jonathon Walters JWP

Hailing out of Benton Illinois, Jonathon specializes in concert and music photography, to include shooting in low-light environments. Having worked with hundreds of artists & shot for various magazines like Music & Mayhem, as well as RattleMag UK, it’s apparent that he’s got an excellent eye for capturing the moment as you’ll see below.

The great thing about quality photos is that not only do they add more credibility to your act, but they can help set you or your band apart as being more professional. This can be very important, especially for newer bands who are looking to market themselves to obtain better deals & bigger gigs. Sure you could simply point & shoot using your phone to get it over with, but it takes a certain skill to really communicate with your audience on a deeper level. Providing some insight into what your band and telling a story is what it’s really all about.

It’s images like the ones below are not only immersive of the music experience, but also offer the viewer a great depth where you can almost hear the decibels & feel the pulse of the crowd. Having shots like this in your album art is just another way that allows your audience to better connect with you and your music. When used in your press releases for sponsorship or record labels, this is just another way to show that you’re serious about what you do.


Bullet For My Valentine @ The Pageant, St. Louis

With pictures being  more prevalent nowadays with the internet & apps such as Instagram, this is an often overlooked aspect of becoming successful in your music endeavors. It certainly does have an impact on how you’re perceived & is worth investing in. If you can’t hire a professional photographer, you can always learn a few things to get you above average results using free photography resources.

Here’s just a few more inspirational photos by JWP taken at this year’s Warped Tour, maybe you’ll find your favorite band here 🙂

Visit the JWP homepage to view the full albums

Jonathon Walters Photography

Are you a photographer yourself and looking to get your name out there?

Here’s a tip, instead of asking “what’s in it for me”, provide value up front. You could help out a new upcoming band or music project, maybe even a new brand related to music. By providing even a sample shoot & advising that what you have to offer can be of value to the recipient, you can establish yourself as an asset that makes others want to work with. Perhaps at the very least, you can exchange for a referral or testimonial and be on your way to build credibility not only for the client, but also yourself.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the photos. Here’s just a few more amazing shots taken by Jonathon Walters featuring our Iron Age picks.



Learn more about Jonathon Walters by visiting his homepage >Click Here<

or visit his Facebook page to view more awesome photos >Here<

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