How to Play SRV’s Tightrope Solo!

SRV Lesson - Tightrope Solo

This SRV Lesson is the Tightrope solo brought to you by Mel Booker. Mel Booker is a music educator, entrepreneur, and professional musician in Southern California. As the owner of Mel Booker Music, Mel and his staff teach 250 students per week and aims to spread music to all far and wide. Mel’s influences include Jimi Hendrix, Scott Henderson, Roger Troutman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Prince, and Jason Becker.
No Blues Power quest is complete without tackling some Stevie Ray. Learn one of his greatest solos-complete with lots of Pentatonic Scale madness!

This is a longer & very thorough lesson so it’s divided into a few parts for easier digestion, 16 licks to be exact. Starts with a B minor pentatonic as shown here:

SRV Lesson Mel Booker SRV B Minor Pentatonic Scale

Please note that there are many ways to play a song of this style. Some things differ as they’re passed down from player to player. You’ll also see a couple alternate ways to play the riffs so feel free to use what feels best for you & make them your own.



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SRV Lesson – Tightrope Solo

Be sure to check out Mel’s playing with the Blues/Rock/Funk group KING.

you can find him online  @MelBookerMusic & @MelBooker_King


Here’s one of the greatest performances by Stevie Ray Vaughan, performing this very song. SRV is considered to be one of the most influential players in the history of music and an important figure in the Blues revival movement of the 80’s.



When you hear Stevie’s battle cry at 1:22 – You just know it’s about to go down!

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