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Exotic wooden  picks, great tone for the whole family. He’re another review by none of than James Hamilton from UK-based plectrum review blog “The Pick”. You can find his previous review our stone picks  by clicking >here<

The picks sent over for review this time are our Macassar Ebony & Coconut Shell set & Padauk & Peachwood set. The two sets offer a contrast in tone & feel as the Ebony/Coconut picks tend to be much denser than their colorful Padauk/Peachwood counterparts.

I’ve really enjoyed trying out these exotic wood picks… I’d suggest you go out and definitely try the padouk.

If this is your first time ever playing  wooden picks however, you can’t really go wrong with either set. According to James, these picks can range from a mellow soft attack to a more cleaner & precise tone. This is the case with most wooden picks as the density of each material is what has the biggest impact on the sound characteristics. They’ve also got a natural “grippy” texture, especially some materials with larger grain & pores.


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A little bit about the materials used:

Peach Wood – Is very light in weight & color, some say they can even smell the peaches! It’s easy to work with and apparently used in Chinese culture to craft bows & ward off superstition. In other words, this might just be your lucky pick!

Padauk – Also called “Vermillion”, is a vibrant timber originating from Africa with an awesome open-pore & reddish appearance. I’ve actually written an article on “how to make your own wooden picks” using a chunk of this wood.

>Click here< to learn how to make your own picks

Coconut Shell – Invokes a tropical vibe of palm trees by the beach-side, this is  very dense material and so tends to produce a brighter tone compared to softer woods. It’s very crisp sounding, one of my favorites although can be a bit of a pain to work with.

Macassar Ebony – Also called striped ebony, this type of wood is extremely dense with tight-knit grain. It’s absolutely gorgeous, especially the pieces with distinct striping. Not as bright as coconut but has an amazing feel & solid durability.


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